Architects and planning

Architects and builders

When working with professionals our aim is to offer sound advice based on best practices from the field of moving and handling whilst giving due consideration to the needs of the building design and construction techniques employed.

Planning to install overhead ceiling hoists or assisted bathing products is not a complicated process providing consideration is given to all the lifting and moving operations that may be required in any given environment. From a domestic setting requiring a simple lift from bed to chair or to a complex transfer from a therapy pool to the shower and changing area, overhead ceiling hoists come in a wide range of modular components to accommodate all situations and fixing requirements.

The various combinations of fixing details and rails systems available from manufacturers like Guldmann, offer Architects and Contractors alike the opportunity to have trained specialist contractors supply & install hoist tracking systems in almost any situation.

Whether timber trusses or concrete soffits, through suspended ceilings; integrated into the ceiling or simply wall mounted to the stud, block or brick work, the Guldmann system components allow us to design a ceiling mounted system which can be adapted to both the users requirements and the existing environment in a cost effective and efficient way.

Whether a project is in an existing building that requires a site survey or working from architects CAD drawings, can offer cost effective design advice and support.

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Continuing Professional Development For Architects

Guldmann UK are proud to announce they are now able to deliver a seminar, which has been assessed and approved as conforming to Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA) guidelines.

The course entitled, "Ceiling Track Hoists and Technical Solutions designed for the eye" gives architects an overview on Legislation, including BS 8300:2009 and Changing Places, Clinical Background, details regarding pros and cons of different solutions and designs, from both a technical and clinical perspective, and how it can be designed into the environment.  With over 30 years experience, Guldmann have devoted all their resources to making life easier for disabled people and their carers. Guldmann supply equipment for the disabled and working tools for their carers, the aim is to provide more Time to Care.

The course has been designed taking all of Guldmanns' experience into account and hope the course will provide a generic insight into ceiling track hoists, and their benefits.

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