Guldmann GH1 ceiling hoist

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Specialists in ceiling hoists, mobile lifters, ramps and lifting platforms. Guldmann supply solutions which help improve the daily life for disabled people and the working conditions for their carers.

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Guldmann GH1 ceiling hoist

All New GH1

The GH1 is a NEW strong, simple, ceiling mounted lifting module, it was developed specifically for the needs of home care and designed to meet the full range of day-to-day lifting needs in private homes, sheltered housing and care homes. It is a small neat design that will fit well in most locations.

The GH1 provides safe and comfortable transfers, its compact size needs very little space and it is compatible with the Guldmann GH-rail systems. The hoist can be personalised for the home environment, the side panels of the module can be to be fitted with a choice of four standard decor panels or customised by end users in the same way as the GH3 rails. Being easy to decorate helps the hoist system contract, match or blend into the interior design.

The GH1 differs from its counterpart the GH3 in that the hoist does not charge through the rail, but utilises a recharging dock into which the handset is placed. Recharging normally takes 2 – 3 hours, and on a full charge the GH1 module will complete in the region of 55 lifts (at 85kg each) This can last up to two weeks at 4 lifts per day.

Technical data

The GH1 module is based on the innovative and robust technologies of GH3 lift system motors with a SWL range of 175 - 205kg. The GH1 module is not only powerful but also fast utilising modern NiMH battery technology to power the hoist, allowing lifting and transfer operations to be carried out smoothly and quickly - leaving carers, more time to care.

Emergency stop and lowering are incorporated and simple to use. The GH1 uses the same lifting hanger as the GH3 ceiling hoist which is safe and easy to use with slings and full range of Guldmann lifting accessories.

The 3 rail profiles offer ceiling hoist system designers a choice of working spans to enable the most appropriate and best systems to be designed and installed for any situation. A free standing gantry rail system is also available for those occasions when a fixed track is not required. This can be assembled by one to two people in around 10 minutes.

In use the GH1 is easy and intuitive to operate.

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