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Specialists in ceiling hoists, mobile lifters, ramps and lifting platforms. Guldmann supply solutions which help improve the daily life for disabled people and the working conditions for their carers.

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The Guldmann ceiling mounted hoist system consists of a wide range of lifting units, rail components and a complete assortment of lifting slings and accessories.

Using our components and parts, you are able to design a ceiling mounted system which can be adapted to both individual requirements and the existing environment.

The system is available as small free-standing, self-sustaining and removable units or as wall or ceiling mounted systems.

A ceiling mounted hoist from Guldmann ensures that:

  • The user will experience increased comfort, safety and mobility.
  • Less injuries, less attrition and increased efficiency provides carers with more time to care and increased satisfaction. Guldmann delivers both products and systems, and consultation and training, to obtain the best possible utilization and operation of our systems.
  • A ceiling mounted system does not occupy any floor space. It requires less space for operation, is never in the way and is always available. Our experienced consultants and installers will plan and install your system with optimum use of your space.
  • A customized ceiling lift system will improve the efficiencies of lifting and transferring activities resulting in more free time during the workday - Time to care.
  • The ceiling mounted system can be installed in private homes, at hospitals, at care institutions, in mobile homes, in connection with equestrians, swimming pools, therapies, etc.

The longstanding GH2 hoist model from Guldmann is being phased out and will be unavailable from March 1st 2011.

Its hotly awaited replacement the GH1 offers the usual excellent quality and ease of use expected form Guldmann with the added features of being able to give it a personal customised look.

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