Oxford Major 190 hoist

From Oxford hoists

High performance and versatility

The Oxford Major 190 is the perfect cross over product for both nursing and acute care environments. Its high lifting capacity and lightweight design allow the Major to work well in almost all settings.

  • 190kg / 30st safe working load
  • Available in electric and hydraulic versions

Key features

  • Emergency raise and lower function The emergency raise/lower buttons are located underneath the emergency stop button on the control box and can be operated by means of inserting a ball point pen tip. This can be used to lower/raise a patient should the hand control fail.
  • LCD battery level indicator As well as a visual display, the batteries are protected from deep discharge by a low voltage alarm. This will sound when the batteries need recharging and the hand control is being operated.
  • Leg Adjustment The legs are adjustable using the leg adjuster handle located at the rear of the mast. They can be opened to enable access around armchairs, wheelchairs and similar obstacles.

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