Oxford Transaid 130

From Oxford hoists

A versatile and easy to use transporting aid

Designed by ergonomists for active patient rehabilitation, the Transaid from Oxford is a versatile, easy to use transporting aid that provides assistance for showering, toileting, dressing, or simple and quick transfers.

  • 130kg / 20.5st safe working load
  • Shower proof design allows repeated use in wet environments
  • Twin front castors for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Removable, easy to clean seat with on-board storage
  • Detachable back support
  • Optional seat pad for additional comfort

Key features

  • Shower & soap proof design Stainless steel construction makes the Transaid ideally suited to wet environments.
  • Twin front castors The Transaid has twin front castors for ease of manoeuvrability.
  • Optional seat pad A seat pad is available to provide additional comfort for the patient.

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