Oxford Elevate hoist

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Exceptional performance, combined with outstanding flexibility

The Elevate was designed specifically to improve the lifting experience as well as promote patient independence. With a massive safe working load and integrated weigh scale, the Elevate is an extremely adaptable and flexible stand aid lift.

  • 200kg/31st safe working load
  • Integrated digital weigh scale (Class III rated)
  • Easy to adjust knee pad
  • Powered leg adjustment
  • Removable foot tray for rehab

Key features

  • Integrated digital weigh scale The Elevate's integral weigh scale allows the carer to weigh a patient during the transfer process, saving time and eliminating any potential for patient discomfort.
  • Adjustable Knee Pad The Elevate‚Äôs knee pad is adjustable in height (by 178mm) to ensure the patient feels comfortable and fully supported. A retractable safety belt provides additional support for those patients needing further reassurance.
  • Removable foot tray By removing the foot tray and cover, the Elevate transforms into a rehabilitation aid that allows a patient to fully stand.

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