Oxford Presence hoist

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Outstanding performance and lifting range

The Presence patient lift is competent enough to handle almost any patient-handling task. It is an all round performer that gives you more than you expect!

  • 227kg/35st safe working load
  • Outstanding lifting range: 1910mm
  • Powered leg positioning
  • Powered 4 point cradle option
  • Digital weigh scale option

Key features

  • Outstanding Lift Range Whether from the floor or onto a high surface the Presence has an astonishing range of movement. The minimum height with the six point spreader bar is just 440mm, which ensures excellent off the floor transfers.
  • Greater Spatial Area The additional space promotes better ergonomics for the carer, as it is possible to interact more closely with the patient. The Presence's unique swan neck leg design also allows the lift to get close to the widest of obstacles. This is especially useful when encountering large chairs, bulky commodes and wheel chairs.
  • Powered Base The Presence has two powerful electric motors which open and close the legs automatically.

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